Eyelash Extension Glue Remover – Cream



SIZE: 5 gr

Effortless Eyelash Extension Removal with Telas Cream Remover

Achieve lash extension removal in just 10 minutes with Telas cream remover, offering a gentle and non-irritating solution.

Eyelash extensions enhance the allure of our eyes, providing beauty and expressiveness. However, the time comes when they need to be removed. Secured with a robust adhesive resistant to soap and water, removing extensions without harming natural lashes requires the dissolution of the glue. Telas cream remover offers a specially designed solution for this task, allowing for easy at-home application.

The Telas remover cream boasts a creamy and silky texture with a pleasant fragrance, ensuring a comfortable experience. In just 10 minutes, it effectively dissolves any type of glue, allowing for the effortless removal of extensions without staining or skin irritation.

Beauty Tips:

Begin by placing patches under your client’s eyes for protection.
Apply the Telas cream remover to the client’s lashes.
Wait for 10 minutes for the adhesive to dissolve.
Gently remove false lashes using brushes or tweezers.
Clean any residue with a suitable cleaning product.
Now, your client is ready for a new lash set or can take a break!
Experience swift and hassle-free eyelash extension removal with Telas cream remover, leaving natural lashes intact and ready for a fresh look.
Are you in search of a reliable solution for eyelash extension glue remover? Look no further! Our professional eyelash extension glue remover is available right near you.

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