Brow lamination and Tint


Brow lamination involves the use of a chemical solution to reshape and sculpt the brow hairs, creating a fuller and more defined look. This procedure helps straighten and set the brow hairs in place, giving them a uniform and groomed appearance. After the lamination, a tint is applied to darken and fill in any sparse areas, enhancing the overall look of the brows.


The result of brow lamination + tint is perfectly shaped and groomed eyebrows with a defined and fuller appearance. This treatment provides a structured and polished look to your brows, highlighting your facial features and giving you a more put-together look.

Eyelash lamination is a beauty treatment that enhances the appearance of natural lashes by lifting and tinting them. It is a popular semi-permanent alternative to lash extensions. This treatment can give your lashes a longer, fuller, and more curled look without the need for daily maintenance. If you are looking for an eyelash lamination service near you, be sure to search for a reputable salon or beauty professional that specializes in this treatment to ensure the best results.

Eyebrow Lamination + Tint price: €50