Cookie Policy


[email protected] is committed to be completely transparent and providing you with all the necessary information about the use of cookies when you visit this website. We strive not to collect any personal information about you as a visitor unless you provide it voluntarily through the online forms.

Which types of cookies does this website utilise?
This website uses the following two different types of cookies: Session cookies: these are temporary cookies which are used to give you access to the content of this website. These types of cookies expire and are deleted when you close the browser.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a piece of data from a website that is stored within a web browser that the website can retrieve at a later time.All cookies are set with expiry dates which determine how long they reside on your browser.  Generally, cookies can be removed automatically after the lapse of the expiry date or else can be deleted manually by the user.

Your choices
We only use cookies to improve your experience on our website. Nevertheless, there are many options to control, limit or disable the first and third-party cookies mentioned before: 1) Your browser settings can allow you to clear or disable cookies. However, disabling cookies may mean that some of the functionality from our website does not work properly. 2) You can install an opt-out browser add-on from Google to prevent your data being used for Analytics. 3) Every third-party services we use and websites we link does have their own information on the cookies they use, including information on how to deactivate them.

How can I delete or disable cookies?
If your browser is NOT configured, by default, to block certain or all cookies, you may manually configure your browser to either reject all cookies or control which cookies are set on your device through this website. You may find all the necessary information on how to make the necessary configuration settings by visiting the following site: Disabling the cookies of this website is not affecting your browsing experience.
Limited third party cookies
These cookies are set by entities other than Heritage Malta and may be temporary or persistent. The use of third party cookies from this website are limited and only allowed for the purpose of social sharing (allows you to share our articles through the various social media networks) and when we embed content on the pages of this website from other third party websites.