We specialize in eyelash extension services. We have the best artists on the island in the following styles:


classic eyelash extension

Classic lashes are the foundation of eyelash extensions, featuring a 1:1 ratio of individual extensions applied to each natural lash. This technique provides a subtle enhancement to your lashes, offering a natural and elegant look. They are perfect for everyday wear, blending seamlessly into your routine with various options to suit your desired thickness and style.

Classic Eyelash Extension Price: €50 infill € 40

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Mega Volume Lashes

Mega volume eyelash extension

 Mega Volume lashes are a more intense version of traditional volume lashes, featuring a higher number of extensions in each fan and thicker diameter extensions. This technique provides extreme volume and density, perfect for those seeking a bold and statement-making look.

Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Price: €75 infill € 65

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