Eyelash Extension Glue



SIZE: 5 ml

Telas Waterproof and Oil-Proof Lash Extension Glue: Fast-Drying Innovation
Telas eyelash extension glue sets a new standard with its 1-second drying time and exceptional resistance to oil and water. This groundbreaking adhesive offers unparalleled durability, making it ideal for various conditions:
Oil Resistant: Withstands makeup, foundation, BB cream, and more.
Water Resistant: Endures high humidity in saunas, solariums, swimming pools, gyms, and excessive sweating.
Drying Time: 1 second in winter, 0.5 seconds in summer.
Unopened Validity: 12 months.
Open Validity: 4 weeks.
Resistance: Lasts up to 8 weeks.
Quantity: 5 ml.
Color: Black.
Recommended for:
High Humidity
High Temperature
Note: Advanced lash stylists may find it slow; use accelerator on natural lashes and bonder for false eyelashes to expedite the process.
How to Speed up Drying:
Clean natural lashes with foam.
Apply Primer on natural eyelashes to remove sebum and oily residues.
Apply Super Bonder on natural and false eyelashes at the base.
Wait for it to dry; speed up with a fan.
Apply false eyelashes.
Air Conditioning: Faster drying when on; keep it on low, away from your work area.
Humidity Effect: Higher humidity speeds up drying; average humidity is 55%.
Elevate your lash extension experience with Telas Glue – quick, resilient, and suitable for various conditions.
Take advantage of our premium eyelash extension glue with same day delivery. Upgrade your lash set with our fast, reliable service, ensuring you receive the adhesive you need when you need it. Our same-day delivery option ensures your eyelash extension projects stay on schedule, providing the perfect combination of efficiency and quality for your beauty needs. Place your order now and experience the complete satisfaction of receiving your eyelash extension glue the same day.

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