Eyelash Extensions Primer



SIZE: 15 ml

The Purpose of the Primer: Unlocking the Thread’s Potential

The primer’s primary function is to open the cuticle of the thread, facilitating easier adhesive penetration for a more secure grip. Our lash primer ensures a sting-free experience. Valid for six months from opening, this primer serves a crucial role in enhancing the adhesive process for eyelash extensions.

Directions for use

Step 1: Begin with a cleansing shampoo.
Step 2: Apply the lash primer to open the cuticle effectively.

Versatility in One Product

Our lash primer boasts a triple-use feature, serving as a dehydrator, cleanser, and accelerator for glue activation when applied to false eyelashes. This all-in-one solution surpasses the need for separate primer, cleanser, and activator products offered by other companies.

Benefits of Our Lash Primer:

Cleanses natural eyelashes of oil and residues.
Establishes an optimal pH level for superior eyelash bonding.
Addresses eyelash resistance issues.
Primarily used to degrease natural lashes before application, our lash primer ensures lasting extensions. Natural lashes secrete oil, and without proper cleaning, extensions may not endure. IBeauty’s lash primer offers a unique triple property, increasing humidity, acting as an activator, and speeding up adhesive drying time. Apply it with microbrushes on the eyelash extension tape for optimal results.

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