Combo Brows


Combo brows combine microblading strokes with a shading technique to create a fuller and more defined brow. The microblading creates realistic hair-like strokes in the front of the brow, while shading adds depth and density to the rest of the brow.


Follow the same aftercare instructions as microblading or ombre brows to ensure proper healing and longevity of the results. Keep the area clean, avoid touching or picking at the treated area, and apply aftercare ointment as directed.


Combo brows offer a multidimensional look with natural hair-like strokes and added depth and definition. The combination of microblading and shading techniques creates a more realistic and fuller-looking brow.


Combo Brows price is €300 + Touch up €100 (6 weeks after) = €400 

Promo price: Pay only €250 for this service incluiding Touch up. Save €150. 

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