Super Eyelash Bonder for Eyelash Extensions



SIZE: 15 ml

Enhance Eyelash Adhesive Experience with Telas Super Bonder

Say goodbye to eye irritations and boost adhesive retention by 30% with Telas Super Bonder – the ultimate solution for encapsulating toxic vapors from adhesives.

The primary cause of eye irritation is often the vapors emitted by adhesives. Telas Super Bonder effectively addresses this issue by encapsulating these toxic vapors, resulting in improved adhesive fixation. This innovative solution not only eliminates irritations but also extends adhesive retention by 30%, offering relief to clients with allergies by preventing itchy eyes and excessive tearing.

Key Benefits:

Encapsulates toxic vapors from adhesives.
Enhances adhesive fixation, reducing irritations.
Extends adhesive retention by 30%.
How to Use:

On False Eyelashes: Apply the bonder with a micro brush to eyelash extensions on the strip. Dry with a ventilator before normal application.

On Natural Eyelashes after Application: Use a pipette to apply the bonder to the attachment area at the end of the procedure. This final step seals the bonding process, reducing allergy risks by 90% as the glue no longer releases vapors.

Elevate your eyelash application experience with Telas Super Bonder, ensuring comfort and longevity while minimizing allergy risks.

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