Wispy Lashes



Curl: D
Thickness: 0.07

Mix (Length 14,16,18,20)

Explore the trending style of Wispy Eyelash Extensions (Kim K lashes), characterized by handmade lash fans using 2-6 lashes and alternating lengths for a dramatic Strip Lash look. Perfect for clients seeking a noticeable, glamorous appearance.
In the rapidly evolving lash extensions industry, classic lash sets dominated a few years ago, followed by the emergence of Russian and mega volume sets. As lash extensions gain global popularity, new styles and techniques like wispy lashes have surfaced. Lash artists must stay attuned to these trends to meet their clients’ evolving beauty preferences.
Wispy lashes involve a free lashing style, employing various lash lengths arranged in a spiky fashion for an eye-catching effect. However, deciding on the placement of these spikes can be challenging. To assist artists, a common wispy lash map is provided for creating an even and captivating look.

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