Silicone Support For Eyelash Extensions




Revolutionize Your Lash Technique with Silicone Support for Eyelash Extensions:
Discover the game-changing innovation that is the Silicone Support for eyelash extensions, revolutionizing the approach of 1D lash technicians.
Tired of losing lashes that slip away from your tweezers? Say goodbye to waste with our solution for reusing escaped lashes! Once secured on the silicone tape, stability and comfort are assured, eliminating worries about runaway threads.
Key Features:
Stability and Reusability: The silicone holder ensures stability for precise lash placement and allows for the reuse of escaped lashes, reducing waste.
Double-Sided Design: With two sticky sides, this model offers flexibility while working, ensuring ease of use for lash technicians.
Pro Tips:
Strategic Placement: Avoid direct placement on the client’s forehead; instead, use a napkin as a buffer for added comfort.
Smart Application: Stick the support on your hand’s top with double-sided adhesive tape for enhanced convenience and ease during lash placement.
Note: The support does not come with the mannequin head.
Elevate your lash extension technique with the Silicone Support, making precision, stability, and reusability the cornerstone of your lash application process.

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