Silicone Mascara Wand For Brushing The Eyelash Extensions



SIZE: 50

Indulge in Lash Perfection with Disposable Silicone Mascara Wands!
Experience the ultimate satisfaction of brushing through your lashes at the end of a lash treatment with our disposable silicone mascara wands. These wands are specially designed for brushing volume lashes, boasting sparse and silicone bristles for optimal performance.
Key Benefits:
Precise Volume Fan Maintenance: The silicone bristles effectively keep each volume fan in place, preventing twisting or undesired direction changes.
Fluffy and Open Volume Fans: Embrace the airy and voluminous look with wands that maintain the fluffiness and openness of your volume fans.
Sustain the Perfect Lash Look: Elevate your lash treatment by ensuring each lash retains its perfect look, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.
Indulge in the luxury of flawless lashes with these disposable silicone mascara wands, offering precision, maintenance, and the perfect finishing touch to your lash treatment.

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