Mini Fan Lash Dryer, USB Charging




Rechargeable Handheld Mini Fan Lash Dryer for Perfect Eyelash Extensions – USB Charging
In the world of eyelash extensions, precision is an art that requires talent, patience, and an array of accessories to ensure quality and professionalism. Amidst tools like summer glue, winter glue, humidifiers, and more, the mini-fan stands out as an indispensable accessory for any eyelash technician. Our mini USB fan offers numerous benefits:
Improved Air Circulation: Enhances air circulation in the workspace, dispersing adhesive vapors during application to prevent allergies and irritations.
Accelerated Drying: Recommended for use during eyelash extension application to speed up adhesive drying, resulting in longer-lasting extensions. It’s effective for drying lashes after applying primer, cleaning foam, or other substances and also aids in drying extensions on the tape.
Tear Prevention: In cases of client tears, the mini-fan outperforms manual pumps, providing immediate drying, tear prevention, and ensuring the adhesive patch stays in place.
Compact, powerful, and silent, our mini fan boasts an elegant ergonomic design, a built-in rechargeable battery, and comes with a USB charger. Available in hot pink, lime-green, and light pink.
How to Use:
The mini-fan can be used as needed, especially at the end of the procedure for two minutes after removing the eyepatch. With the client’s eyes closed, this helps dissipate adhesive vapors around the eyes, preventing tears and facilitating adhesive drying.
Beauty Tips:
Ideal for volume techniques, our mini USB fan is also recommended for clients to gently and quickly dry their eyelash extensions after routine cleaning.

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