Microbrushes (Disposable swab micro brush)



SIZE: 100

Enhance Your Precision and Efficiency with Disposable Microfiber Mascara Wands for Eyelash Extensions:
When it comes to a helping hand, these microfiber brushes emerge as the artist’s best companions. Designed specifically for eyelash extensions, these disposable mascara wands offer a range of advantages:
Ideal for Primer or Remover Application: Perfect for applying primer or remover on natural eyelash extensions, reaching between each lash due to their small size.
Hygienic Design: Ensures cleanliness, preventing infections, and minimizing the risk of bacterial spread.
Super Fine Tip for Precision: The super fine tip enhances precision work, distributing the ideal amount of liquid in any area.
Absorbent Tip: The absorbent tip securely holds liquids, preventing dripping and bending easily, giving you complete control during application.
Cost-Efficient: Created with efficiency in mind, these brushes not only allow you to use less product but also speed up the application time, enabling you to apply lash extensions faster. This efficiency boost translates to an increased daily customer capacity.
Color-Coded for Excellence: The blue microfiber brushes, with their 2.5mm microfiber tip, are cataloged as the best in comparison to brushes of other colors, offering superior results.
Versatile Usage: Intended for use with Primer or Remover, these disposable microfiber mascara wands are a game-changer in the world of eyelash extensions. Upgrade your precision, efficiency, and overall application experience with these indispensable tools.

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