Mascara Brushes



SIZE: 50

Long lashes, synonymous with allure and femininity, stand as an enduring preference for women, transcending seasonal trends. Whether embracing the daily ritual of mascara or indulging in the expertise of eyelash extensions, meticulous care is essential. Enter the gene brush, an integral part of the care ritual for lashes, irrespective of size or density.

Embark on a journey towards guaranteed long, impeccably separated, and clean eyelashes with our set of professional brushes crafted for both natural eyelashes and extensions. These brushes boast a soft touch, ideal for brushing eyelashes and even perfect for grooming eyebrows. The flexible brush sticks can be bent according to your specific needs. As a single-use product, bid farewell to concerns about bacteria or eye infections.

These brushes are not only effective but also highly convenient. Compact and easy to transport, they fit seamlessly into your car, backpack, purse, makeup drawer, gym bag – wherever you go. This set is thoughtfully designed for on-the-go brow taming, ensuring your lashes and brows are always in top form.

Beauty Tips:

Maintain clean eyebrows by applying anti-allergic cleansing foam every night.
Upgrade your lash care routine with our professional brushes, ensuring your lashes and brows always exude elegance and charm.Soft and Flexible: The brush head is made of eco-friendly nylon material and is easily bent according to your needs.
Lightweight and Convenient: Only 10cm long, small size, quite portable and convenient to use.
Multipurpose: Ideal for makeup artists, eyelash technicians, also for applying mascara and eye products.

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