Lip Brush Sticks For Applying Eyelash Extensions



SIZE: 50

Doe foot applicator. Length: 3.55 inches Disposable Flocking Tip Lip Makeup Brushes with Black Plastic Handle
Elevate Eyelash Extension Care with Microfiber Lip Brush Sticks

Have questions about caring for your eyelash extensions? These transformative beauty additions can streamline your routine, saving time and enhancing your look. However, proper maintenance is key, and that’s where our microfiber lip brush sticks come into play.

Whether applying makeup, removing it, or simply feeling the need for maintenance, it’s crucial to emphasize the right care steps to clients. While kneeling over the bathroom sink might seem like an option, especially between maintenance appointments, it’s not the most ideal approach.

For a meticulous cleaning and makeup removal, our set of microfiber sticks designed for eyelash extension care provides a practical solution. This set complements your care recommendations, ensuring your clients maintain their extensions with ease. Beauty experts endorse the use of these microfiber brushes for gentle and effective extension cleaning, cautioning against makeup remover disks that may pose a risk of damaging or tearing the extensions.

Beauty Tips:

The lip brush’s ability to absorb liquid makes it perfect for cleaning lashes with anti-allergic foam (not primer).
Explore our highly recommended product: ANTI-ALLERGIC FOAM, available in our store.
Enhance the longevity and beauty of your eyelash extensions with our microfiber lip brush sticks and expert care recommendations. Your clients will thank you for the thorough and effective maintenance advice!

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