Jade Stone Holder for glue for Eyelash Extensions




Optimize Your Work with the Jade Stone – A Must-Have for Lash Technicians:
In the pursuit of simplifying our work methods, we introduce an indispensable tool for every lash technician – the Jade Stone. This accessory provides a pristine, hygienic, and optimal surface for placing eyelash extension adhesive.
The Jade Stone’s remarkable ability to remain cool acts as a shield against heat, preventing the adhesive from drying out and ensuring its enduring efficacy. This cooling effect allows the adhesive droplet to dry at a more gradual pace, empowering you to apply eyelash extensions at your preferred speed. The visible result? Stronger lashes for your clients!
Maintenance is a breeze as the Jade Stone can be effortlessly cleaned with acetone after each use, or for stubborn adhesive residue, soaking it overnight in acetone proves effective.
Pro Tips:
To avoid adhesive soiling, place a small piece of tape on the Jade Stone, creating a larger adhesive droplet (approximately 4-5 drops). This technique enhances adhesive strength, lasting for about two hours.
Discover the transformative impact of the Jade Stone, optimizing your lash application process with cleanliness, efficiency, and enhanced adhesive performance.

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