Hand Pallete for Eyelash Extensions




Optimize Your Lash Application with the Hand Lash Palette for Eyelash Extensions:
Our Hand Lash Palette is meticulously crafted for efficient lash application, prioritizing both comfort and functionality. Lightweight and designed for wearability, it features a velcro pad attachment and adjustable strap, ensuring a customizable fit to meet your specific needs.
Key Features:
Comfortable Wear: Experience ease and comfort during lash application with our lightweight design.
Adjustable Strap and Velcro Attachment: Customize the positioning of the lash palette to suit your preferences, ensuring a seamless application process.
Pro Tips:
Prevent Eyestrain: Bring the palette closer to the eyes for enhanced comfort, a crucial benefit during prolonged lash sessions.
Organize with Predefined Lines: Benefit from predefined lines on the palette to neatly hold lash strips of varying lengths. Prepare strips in advance for an organized and efficient treatment experience.
Streamline your lash application routine with the Hand Lash Palette, a versatile tool designed to enhance your comfort and efficiency in eyelash extensions.

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