Glue Shaker




Save valuable time and eliminate air bubbles in your adhesive effortlessly by transforming your lash glue or nail polish into the perfect consistency with the touch of a button.
Achieve optimal results with a well-mixed lash adhesive bottle, leading to satisfied clients who can’t help but spread the word.
Are you tired of shaking your lash glue bottle for 1-2 minutes before dispensing each drop?
If you use 5 drops per client appointment, that’s 5 to 10 minutes of shaking glue per client (think about your poor wrists!).
For those who see one client per day (30 clients per month), that amounts to 150 to 300 minutes (2.5 to 5 hours!!) wasted on shaking glue bottles every month!
Simply slide your glue bottle or nail polish into the rubber sleeve and press the button. In just 10 seconds, your glue will be perfectly mixed.
This lash glue or nail polish mixer machine will pay for itself within the first month of use.
Soon, you’ll be saving valuable time and money on every client appointment (and giving your wrists a well-deserved break!).
Key Features:
Effortlessly mix your lash glue or nail polish bottle at 2,000 rotations per minute (it spins really fast).
Save precious time during each lash appointment, reducing wear and tear on your wrists.
Achieve thorough mixing of your eyelash extension adhesive in just 10 seconds for consistently excellent results.
Refer to photos for included accessories and rubber sleeve sizes.
Also ideal as a mini nail polish color mixer shaker machine or as a tattoo ink pigment bottle mixer machine.

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