Flower Glue Holder



SIZE: 10

Enhance Your Lash Application with 10 Flower-Shaped Glue Holders for Eyelash Extensions:
Introducing our Flower Support adhesive holders, designed for optimal convenience in eyelash extension applications. Here’s why they’re a must-have:
Key Features:
Flower-Shaped Design: Innovative and functional, each holder is shaped like a flower for ease of use.
Single-Use Notches: Each notch is designed for single use, ensuring hygiene and preventing cross-contamination.
Material: Crafted from durable plastic, these holders are crack-resistant, lightweight, and odor-free.
Size: Diameter 4.7 cm
Enhanced Glue Depth: The tray design minimizes the contact area between glue and air, maximizing glue depth to prevent drying out or deterioration.
Easy Application: Drop the desired amount of glue into the groove, allowing for even application on eyelashes while freeing up your other hand for efficient work.

Scope of Application: Suitable for eyelash extension or grafting, fixing glue, paint, ink, makeup remover, or eyelash primer in tattoo or nail art applications. Lightweight with multiple notches, it significantly improves eyelash grafting efficiency.
Design and Ease:

Round Design: Conveniently accommodates both glue and false eyelashes simultaneously, streamlining the eyelash grafting process.
Ideal for Makeup Artists: Perfect for makeup artists or beauticians, providing an efficient aid for both professionals and beginners.
Beauty Tips:

Stability: Fix the support on the pallet with roll paper to ensure stability during application.
Upgrade your lash extension toolkit with these Flower-Shaped Glue Holders, combining innovation, convenience, and efficiency for seamless eyelash applications.

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