Eyelash Extensions Foam Tape



SIZE: 5 m

Elevate Your Lash Game with Foam Tape: A Must-Have for Special Clients!
Foam tape is a versatile lash extension tool suitable for all clients, but it becomes an absolute necessity for those with specific needs:
Allergic to Gel: Perfect for clients allergic to gel eyepatches.
Oily Skin: Ensures excellent adherence with its remarkable “stay in one place” ability, ideal for clients with oily skin.
Bulbous Eyes or Difficulty Closing Eyes: The thicker foam offers enhanced protection by keeping fumes away from the eyes, perfect for clients with bulbous eyes or those struggling to keep their eyes tightly closed during treatment.
Talkative Clients: Ideal for clients who enjoy talking during treatment, as the thicker foam minimizes eye movement caused by conversation.
Sensitive and Watery Eyes: Provides comfort for clients with sensitive, watery eyes.

Our soft-material foam tape is the go-to choice for clients sensitive to gel or collagen patches. Elevate your lash extension experience with the versatility and comfort of foam tape!

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