Eyelash extension transparent tape




Enhance Lash Durability with Our Eyelash Isolation Roller
For superior lash resistance, leverage essential tools like our Eyelash Isolation Roller. Here’s how it elevates your lash application:
Isolation Precision: Use the foil roll primarily to isolate lashes, especially in challenging areas, ensuring meticulous work.
Inner Corner Visibility: Enhance visibility in the inner corner; post-application, easily isolate specific lashes under the inner corner using the roller.
Additional Benefits:
Adhesive Ball Enhancement: Position the roller on the jade stone, replacing adhesive stickers. This allows for the creation of a larger adhesive ball, providing extended glue resistance for up to two hours.
Breathable and Anti-Allergy: The roller is made of breathable and anti-allergic material, promoting comfort during use.
Easy Tear Eye Tapes: Transparent tapes are designed for lower lash coverage and eyelid taping during eyelash extension application.
Micropore Tape Protection: Safeguard your jade stone from adhesive damage during the procedure using micropore tape.
Upgrade your lash application toolkit with our Eyelash Isolation Roller—an essential for precision, durability, and comfort in eyelash extensions

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