Eyelash extension Foam Shampoo



SIZE: 60 ml

Professional Eyelash Extension Foam Cleanser Shampoo

This foam shampoo is the essential cleanser for eyelids and lashes, specifically designed for comprehensive eyelash care. Formulated to be pH neutral and oil-free, this foaming cleanser is perfect for thorough lash and eye area cleaning. It’s a crucial component of the post-care routine, ensuring clean and healthy lashes after your service.

Ideal for:
Client Use: Encourage clients to use it regularly for comprehensive lash and eye care.
Technicians: Use before eyelash extension applications to ensure a clean surface.
Key Benefits:
PH Neutral and Oil-Free: Specially designed for lash and eyelid care without irritation.
Blepharitis Treatment: Offers relief for Blepharitis sufferers, addressing symptoms for a fresh and comfortable feel.
Effective Cleansing: Thoroughly cleanses, leaving eyes and eyelids refreshed.
Instructions for Use:
Shake well before use.
Apply one pump of the eyelash extension foam cleanser to fingertips or the back of the hand (use a silicone mascara wand if preferred).
Gently massage into eyelashes and eyelids, avoiding eye contact.
Allow foam to sit for approximately one minute.
Rinse and pat dry gently.
Note: Ensure all soapy residue is rinsed and dried before lash application. Recommend it to clients for daily after-care, enhancing longevity and facilitating in-fills.
Elevate your lash care routine with Telas’s foam shampoo for impeccable results.

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