Eye pads gel patch



SIZE: 50 pcs, 1 pc

Mastering Eyelash Extension Essentials: A Guide to Eye Pads
Eye pads are indispensable tools for eyelash extension applications, offering vital functionalities:
Lash Separation: Crucial for separating eyelashes during extension application.
Size Notation: Used for noting the size of eyelash extensions, facilitating organized work.
Types of Eye Pads:
Glossy Surface Pads: Require paper tape for application.
Matte Pads: No need for additional tape.
Medium Mat Eye Pads: A versatile option.
Application Tips:
Ensure the wider part is placed near the nose to prevent slipping during application.
Technicians must exercise caution when applying paper tape to avoid accidentally covering bottom eyelashes, which can be dangerous.
Beauty Tips:
Be cautious with paper tape to prevent scratching the eye. Silicone eye pads, on the other hand, expand when too close to the eye, offering protection without hindering the application process.
Best Practices:
Stick the larger part near the nose for secure application.
Regardless of packaging color, the product inside remains the same.
Master the art of eyelash extensions with these essential eye pads, ensuring precision and safety in your lash application process.

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