7 Reasons to get semi-permanent a lip blush

  1. Intensification of color

Right after the procedure, your lips will boast a vibrant and intense hue.

2. Improve the shape

A well-defined lip line not only enhances the overall shape but also corrects minor asymmetries.

3. Boos of volume

A slight increase in volume occurs as we apply color to areas with insufficient pigment.

4. Save money

You won’t have to spend any more money on lipsticks; your lips will be colorful all day, every day

5. Beautiful, without makeup

With this procedure, your lips will look groomed all the time.

6. Teenage lips

Lips with vivid color give the appearance of youthfulness.

7. It’s not permanent

This procedure is semi-permanent, so it’s not lifelong. After some time, you can touch up the color or even change the color of your lips.

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